Jeleosimi Clock - Yoruba Multi-functional Educational Toy Clock

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Yoruba Basics Multi-function Calendar Clock Early Educational Learning Toys for Boys Girls Kid

[Cultural Enrichment] As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Yoruba people can be found in West Africa, especially in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Brazil and Cuba. Yoruba is one of the most culturally rich language and culture in the world.

[Interactive toy] Kids learn by seeing and doing. Kids can set their own calendar with movable hands on the clock, seasons and weather as well as sliders on the the days and months. By moving the hands, Kids can learn the time in Yoruba language. Proper pronunciation resource is included.

[Visual Learning] This Yoruba wooden clock and calendar teaches day and month names, the time, seasons, and weather in Yoruba. Covers the concept

[Early educational toy] The wooden clock can develop Yoruba reasoning, logical, and learning skills. This African educational toy improve Yoruba pronunciation, promotes cultural communication, enhances language retention and develops Yoruba speaking skills.

[Quality Design] Beautiful, colorful, attention-grabbing practical design that's easy to use and understand. Lays flat or stays up with provided beveled stands.

[Safe for children] Constructed from use of high quality wood with smooth edges. Uses environmentally friendly water paint that safe and non-toxic. Slides and hands are constructed from wood, plastic and metal screws.

[Perfect gift] Excellent toy for children aged 3 years and up. Perfect for Jeleosimi, Yoruba students, Yoruba basics, beginning learners, kindergarten, kindergarten-er, kids, gifts or presents. Easy to clean - wipe with damp cloth.